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community starts here. 

 A co-created space for online and offline collabs and events. 

We are forming a pool of incredible experts and humans offering services and pursuing the evolution of their purpose. 

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In private one-on-ones sessions, you’ll experience breakthroughs in your self-concept and start embodying all of your strengths and applying your purpose.

We believe in the art of gathering and the power of community.

Join our retreats and co-livings.

A place to become more visible to ourselves and to others. A cross-cultural, multidisciplinary network of purpose-driven humans.

You Choose
GlowGetter Edition | Sardinia, Italy
Wed, Oct 07
villa orchestra | luxurious simplicity
Oct 07, 7:00 PM – Oct 11, 12:00 PM
villa orchestra | luxurious simplicity, Torre Delle Stelle (Maracalagonis) CA, Italy
Immerse in a 5-days journey of hormone balancing, business hacking, purpose clarity and soulful connections. You’ll leave empowered to monetise and live your wildest dreams.
The Purpose Space
from anywhere, 365 days membership
digital slack network
from anywhere, 365 days membership
digital slack network
Join an interconnected global community of like-minded impact souls. Stay inspired and connected before and after a retreat experience. Know you are not alone in this and increase your impact by finding humans to collaborate with. Showcase your expertise and get clients. Enjoy 11% discount.
Empowerment Coaching
Fri, Jul 03
Jul 03, 7:00 PM
entrepurpose, Pestalozzistraße, Munich, Germany
A transformational coaching experience for personal and professional catalyzation. Employ tangible tools